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Liquid soap, like any soap, is created by combining fat with lye.

I am experimenting with it to see if it will help my own laundry soap recipe to emulsify.Depending on your rate of dilution, you might not even be able to dilute the entire paste in your crock pot anyway, but you will have no trouble diluting half the paste in your crock pot even at 20 percent dilution.For example: Use a bar of facial soap to make a liquid soap you can use on your face.You can replace the olive oil in these recipes with another soft oil (or combination of soft oils) and alter the dilution rate and other matters to your liking.

How To Make Organic Soap In Your Kitchen. The potency of the lye naturally reduces as the pH of the soap balances out. It may seem like a long process,.

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You will have a hard time getting a recipe with any significant amount of olive oil to dilute at anything other than 20 percent.

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A natural soap made using olive and coconut oils to leave your skin feeling soft and silky.Melinda, yes, you can use the soap however you want it to be used for.You can choose not to use the borax, just thicken later with glycerin.Make Your Own Liquid Soap: Natural Recipes for Liquid Hand Soap, Dish Soap, and Laundry Soap.

Your liquid soap is ready to use immediately after you finish making it, but you may want to sequester some recipes for added clarity.If you see any liquidy oils at the bottom of the crock pot, stir them back in.Dissolve 1 ounce of soap paste in 2 ounces of boiling distilled water.I really love the recipes I listed here with the jojoba and the lanolin.

Does it just look that way or does it take quite a bit of research learning before starting.If you see an objectionable comment, you may flag it for moderation.

And as oppose to commercially produced soap, you can make it with natural ingredients and fragrances. (Always add lye to liquid,.The mixture will turn opaque and become thicker and smoother as you blend it.You call the lanolin recipe a shampoo but could you use it as a hand soap.Try cold-process soap making and create all-natural soap bars to pamper your family and friends.

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No matter how many times you break it up, it will keep layering.

The book is for anyone who wants so make their own natural liquid soap.Finished paste looks like thick Vaseline with a translucent quality.Join Jo Haslauer and learn how to color your cold process soap naturally with plant and botanical materials in this Coloring Soap Naturally. Soap. Liquid.You will add this to your diluted soap, but the amount you add is based on your paste weight.I only wish I had found it just hours before I attempted my first liquid soap recipe.I think it is funny that I made a batch today and I saw that you had posted this.

Following neutralization (or neutralization by emulsification), while your liquid soap is still hot, add (if using) scent, coloring, superfatting, thickening (if by glycerin), and sequestering agents.

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I saw a video where someone did a test batch on it at that point, so I decided to try.

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I appreciate you getting back to me so I know what to do with this current batch of soap.

Emulsification with a borax solution allows you to dilute soap at higher concentrations.Place the stick blender in the crock pot, making sure the blade is completely immersed in the mixture to avoid creating splatters.

Since borax is a detergent agent and I intended this soap for home cleaning, I went right ahead with lots of borax.You can also find a wealth of information from fellow liquid soapers, many of them working with recipes with no lye excess, at the Yahoo Liquid Soapers group.Set this option to 0% if you do not want to superfat or if you are making liquid soap.

Notes: This one also resulted in an initially slightly cloudy soap due to the lanolin, but not as cloudy as with the jojoba in the previous recipe.You now know how to make homemade castile soap with olive oil.We offer ingredients, supplies plus a large selection of aromatherapy, herbal, soap making, natural beauty and.Have you ever wanted to try making your own natural shower gel, liquid hand soap, or whipped soap at home.I also noticed that my last batch was more runny and not as thick as store bought shampoo.

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